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 It is an honor to serve as your State Representative in the Georgia General Assembly.

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Comments on the School Bus Stop Arm Statute, § 40-6-163

Recently, there has been considerable coverage in the media regarding the “school bus stop arm camera” statute. I hope to clarify the issues that brought about the legislation that was enacted, and to also clarify some of the issues that have arisen regarding it over the last month . . . Please read further


The idea behind legislation may come from a constituent, the students in a public school class, a state agency or lobbyists among others. If a legislator agrees to propose and sponsor the legislation, he/she will then take the general draft of the proposed legislation to the Legislative Counsel of the General Assembly where a lawyer will be assigned to write the legislation per the format guidelines of the General Assembly . . . Read rest of article

Broadband and Telehealth; Moving Georgia Forward in Technology and Healthcare

Can telehealth, or as it is also referred to, “telemedicine” fill a vital and extremely important void in access to certain aspects of healthcare, particularly in rural Georgia, and in rural America? . . .

Please read further on Broadband and Telehealth: Moving Georgia Forward in Technology and Healthcare

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