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FUNDING OF EDUCATION IN GEORGIA                                 PIE CHART OF FY2015 BUDGET  
Funding for education in Georgia is a priority for the Georgia General Assembly and the Governor. I am very proud that Republican Governor Nathan Deal and the Republican majority state House and Senate have funded K-12 education in Georgia in the Amended FY2014 budget at $7,545,784,627.00 of the total $20,234,238,575.00 budget.

Furthermore, of the $320m additional funds available in the amended FY2014 budget at mid-year, $183m has been appropriated for QBE.

In the FY2015 Budget approved by the General Assembly, the total funding for education in Georgia amounts to  $10,651,567,466, or 54% of the total $20,836,744,620 fiscal year budget. That includes  almost $8b ($7,951,720,712) for K-12 education, alone.

See Chart, below right.

To see a series of charts with details on K-12 education funding in general and QBE in particular, please click this link.
FY2015 Approved by General Assembly  
Educated Georgia  
Early Care and Learning, Bright from the Start: Department of  $55,493,488
   Lottery Funds  314,300,032
Education, Department of 7,944,481,675
Regents, University System of Georgia Board of 1,939,087,764
   Payments to Georgia Military College 2,329,780
   Payments to Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission 14,690,162
Student Finance Commission, Georgia  48,129,978
   Lottery Funds 633,648,020
   Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission 787,683
Teachers Retirement System 412,000
Technical College System of Georgia 331,854,904
TOTAL $10,651,567,466